Beautiful Flower
Baby Makes Three: Bill || Fluer

Feeling exshausted, even though she had just woken Fleur looked at her reflection in the old mirror. Two bright blue eyes stared straight back at her. She didn’t look as tired as she felt. She had a glow in cheeks and there were no circles under her eyes. But then she guessed being part Veela she had never looked extremely tired. Maybe she was coming down with something. There had been a few work friends that had come down with the stomach flu that week, maybe it was her turn to spend a few days in bed. 

Heading downstairs, she pared into the fridge, finding herself much hungrier than she had first realised. She pulled out some bacon and started to cook it for herself, her mind drifting to her husband, wondering what he was doing right now. Sitting down to her breakfast, something unexpected happened. That first bite didn’t even have the chance to be swallowed before she felt last nights dinner rise in her throat. She used all of the little energy she had to rush to the downstairs bathroom just in time to empty her stomach into the toilet.

Leaving the uneaten breakfast on the table she took herself back to bed, hoping to sleep off the worst part of the flu she swore she had. Curling up in the middle of the bed, easily falling into a deep sleep…..